07-01-2019    Let’s Dance 4 Fun    Lento    (Ira Weisburd & Raymond Sarlemijn)

14-01-2019    Grizzly Bear Line Dancers    Codigo     (Pat Stott)
14-01-2019    Grizzly Bear Line Dancers    Stranger Things Happened     (JoJo Team (Joke M & John W))

16-01-2019    Stichting Kicking Country    Simple As Can Be    (Julia Wetzel)

21-01-2019    Let’s Dance 4 Fun    Codigo    (Pat Stott)

28-01-2019    Grizzly Bear Line Dancers    Apparently Not     (Francien Sittrop)

28-01-2019    Let’s Dance 4 Fun    My Angel And Me    (Karl-Henry Winson)

04-02-2019    Grizzly Bear LIne Dancers    Who Needs Mexico    (Wil Bos)

04-02-2019    Let’s Dance 4 Fun    Starlight    (Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie)

11-02-2019    Grizzly Bear LIne Dancers    Baby Why    (JoJo Team (Joke M & John W))
11-02-2019    Grizzly Bear LIne Dancers    More Than You’ll Ever Know    (Diana Dawson)

11-02-2019    Let’s Dance 4 Fun    California    (Daniel Whittaker & Miguel Belloque Vane)

18-02-2019    Grizzly Bear LIne Dancers    Cradle Love    (Derek Robinson)

25-02-2019    Let’s Dance 4 Fun    Cherry Bomp    (Rob Fowler)

04-03-2019    Grizzly Bear LIne Dancers    Everybody Dance And Sing    (Roger Neff)

04-03-2019    Let’s Dance 4 Fun    Nothing But You    (Darren Bailey)

11-03-2019    Grizzly Bear LIne Dancers    Afraid Of Losing You Again   (Francien Stomp)
11-03-2019    Grizzly Bear LIne Dancers    Tell Me Why   (Daisy Simons)

11-03-2019    Let’s Dance 4 Fun    A Little Kiss    (Niels Poulsen)

18-03-2019    Let’s Dance 4 Fun    Sucker    (Julia Wetzel)

25-03-2019    Grizzly Bear LIne Dancers    Magnifico Mexico    (JoJo Team)

25-03-2019    Let’s Dance 4 Fun    Keep It Simple    (Maggie Gallagher)

28-03-2019    Grizzly Bear LIne Dancers    The Best Thing    (A.J. White)

01-04-2019    Let’s Dance 4 Fun    Yes M’am, No M’am    (Ria Vos)

15-04-2019    Let’s Dance 4 Fun    Habibi    (Gary O’Reilly)

29-04-2019    Let’s Dance 4 Fun    It’s All About The 3 Steps    (Jose Miguel Belloque Vine & Roy Verdonk)

06-05-2019    Grizzly Bear LIne Dancers    Quando Tu    (Marisa Manferdini)

06-05-2019    Let’s Dance 4 Fun    Simply The Best    (Maddison Glover & Rachael McEnaney-White)

13-05-2019    Let’s Dance 4 Fun    Lonely Blues    (Rachael McEnaney-White)

20-05-2019    Grizzly Bear LIne Dancers    I Need A Margarita..    (JoJo Team)

03-06-2019    Let’s Dance 4 Fun    Legend    (Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson)

01-07-2019    Let’s Dance 4 Fun    Shot Of Tequila    (Fred Whitehouse)

08-07-2019    Let’s Dance 4 Fun    Senorita La-La-La    (Julia Wetzel)

15-07-2019    Let’s Dance 4 Fun    Bonaparte’s Retreat    (Maddison Glover)